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the finnish forest museum


The Finnish Forest Museum
Lustontie 1
Phone +358 15 345 100
Telefax +358 15 345 1050


Lusto is a national museum and science centre of international importance focusing on Finnish forest culture and illustrating the interaction between man and the forest from the past to the future.

The forest has always formed the cornerstone of Finnish culture and the basis of livelihood for Finns. Lusto’s exhibitions, events, work demonstrations and theme days provide a diverse and illustrative insight into the significance of forests in the life of Finns. Lusto is sure to appeal to visitors of all ages.

Lusto is situated in the rural district of Punkaharju in south-eastern Finland, at the heart of the Saimaa lake district and right next to the Punkaharju Conservation Area. Punkaharju Ridge, a seven-kilometre ice-age esker flanked by lakes, is one of the best-known areas of high national landscape value in Finland and has an intriguing natural and cultural history. The area has a long tradition of tourism and offers a wide variety of tourist services today.

Punkaharju lies 300 kilometres from Helsinki, the capital city, and the nearest town, Savonlinna, is about a half an hour’s drive away. Punkaharju can be reached by train and bus, and Savonlinna also has an airport.

Welcome to Lusto!