Tool Sharpening Days

Blunt forest and hand tools will be sharpened at the Lusto Tool Sharpening Days twice a year. You can get your clearing saws, axes, pruning hooks, knives, scissors, garden shears, bark spuds, bark irons, scythes and other necessary tools sharpened for a small fee. However, they won’t sharpen ice augers, ice skates, drill bits, blender bits, cutter bits, milling cutters or circular saw blades. In addition to tool maintenance, the Tool Sharpening Days will also provide you tips for sharpening and maintaining your tools correctly at home. Tool Sharpening Days 25.–26.5. and 10.–11.8.2019.


Work Demonstrations and Theme Days

Work demonstrations and theme days complement Lusto's activities as a forestry information centre and forestry information agent. Tradition meets the latest novelties at...

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